Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings.

Diane Garnick

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A successful accounting department is one that operates as quickly as any other department in the company, but also one that provides decision makers with accurate financial data on their business. More than just record keeping, a successful accounting department is one that provides the real-time financial information needed to operate in today’s competitive marketplace.



Entrepreneurial spirit, attention to detail and enthusiasm to help SME's with financial aspects of their business it what drives Paula. Her experience, derived from working with key corporate businesses, such as Barbour and Axon as well as running her own successful business for the last 15 years, equips her with extensive knowledge and expertise to offer sound advice and accountancy skills. "Business owners and decision makers benefit from sound knowledge of their financials to help them make key decisions on business growth and improvement".

At work; Helping businesses realise their full potential

At home; her three children and their passion for figure skating and ice hockey

... is what makes Paula tick.


Business Troubleshooter

As a "Business Troubleshooter" my single goal is to provide solutions that will make your business run better. I have the tools, techniques and tactics to dramatically increase company sales, cash flow and profit.



As well as keeping a financial ‘paper trail’ to balance the accounts, my role is extensive. Here’s just a snapshot of the different tasks I undertake; Purchase orders and invoicing, Sales accounting and credit control, Cash and banking admin, VAT returns and payroll accounting

On top of this, I use data to prepare financial statements – ensuring annual returns are smoothly administered.


Marketing / Advertising

My role as a marketing and advertising manager is to create interest among potential clients, both large corporations and SME's. I enjoy putting together advertising campaigns for clients, and directly for Assent Accountants. The advertising industry constantly evolves with the rise of digital media, advertising and promotions so I need to keep on top of the latest trends ! Every day I am dealing with different companies, managers, directors, advertising agents to communicate persuasively to the public and potential clients. Converting these into new and imaginative marketing ideas.


Payroll Manager

Payroll .... everyone loves the payroll department - especially on pay day !





As the receptionist for Assent Accountants, I love meeting the variety of clients we have and being the first person to greet a client when they come to Assent !




the expression of approval or agreement

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